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Sadly I deleted the updates which were made since the ‘official start’ of this site, 14th May 2006, until the 4.9.2006 (when I published and wrote all the sections), but at least you can view here all the other updates from the above said date on:




17.2.2013: Love of My Life” section completely revised :-) next big updates will be probably most likely on weekends and in holidays!


16.2.2013: completely new sections added: “BOOKS” and “ARTICLES”; and LINKS section completely revised! I fixed all the links! Please check out the NEW articles in the ARTICLES section :-) thank you! Articles about Rosemary Pearson and Barbara Valentin! Also: "My Fairy King video and the tribute video on the index site are fully accessible :-)!


January 2013: revising my homepage – “philosophy corner”, “the prophet”, “FMQ in German” and the about me/my story sections are fully revised :-) – other sections are also under correction and in planning (f.ex. newspaper articles section)


12. September 2012: whoohoo :-) - I finally decided to set up my own FMQ - facebook site :D - there I plan to inform you about future updates on my website here, and post weekly or so (maybe on the weekends and important dates) , curiosities and specials about Freddie and Queen with newspaper scans, info, blogs, articles, etc :-) - thank you very much for liking and have a nice stay! – I certainly don’t plan to spam you with this every day lol ^^


FMQ - mercury-and-queen.com
Wirb ebenfalls für deine Seite


September 2012: new link added – please visit the informative and wonderful written website by Austrian author Mrs. Henriette Sadler, which she set up for September 5th 2012, Freddie’s 66 birthday: http://www.aboutfreddiemercury.com/ Thank you:-)

…As to me: thankfully, everything’s fine; there were indeed a lot of changes in my life in the past 4 years… I’m in the end stadium of my studies and there is a lot happening… thank you for receiving very warm messages from you, dear people, and thank you for all the kind guestbook entries!! In autumn/ winter holiday time I would like to do some more updates J have a wonderful and beautiful autumn time everybody!! Your Daria



November 2011: redesign of homepage and special for 24th November 2011 – “the Freddie Mercury Story by Austrian author Mrs. Henriette Sadler; “Queen news” update, “about me” update^^ (links to my band)


28.11.2010:  I finally added some sections about the other QUEEN members with profiles and further information enjoy:-)!


22.09.2010it’s been a long time since I rock and rolled XD! No, naturally since I have updated the site XD, so here is a little update – thank you for receiving such nice emails from around the world … maybe you have some ideas or other interesting information about Freddie Mercury to include on my site? J Meanwhile I have made my first attempt in a rock band – you can find some more about it in the section about me… have a nice and sunny autumnJ!

New “links” added, “about me” and “philosophy corner” page update…


28.12.2008: Finally had a little bit time for some updatesJ: NEW Links added: www.queenfreddie.com and www.carlosbonell.com in the Links Section, a few updates here and there (some info in the ‘Prophet’ Section) and some “polishing” – a new font – I hope it is better for you to read!


17.02.2008: Most of the sections are reviewed and available again; new ‘Mercury – the musician section’


07.02.2008: Hello everybody! Hope you are doing well! My third semester in university has come to an end, so now I’m ‘enjoying’ my holidaysJ – though I still have to write some term papers for Philosophy this month, I will have some more time for my site than usual…

Bohemian Rhapsody interpretation reviewed + an interesting interpretation of Bo Rhap found in the web – ENJOY and see you soon!


27.09.2007: Finally had some time to do updates on my page: I just added some new pictures (incl. scans) in the Queen2 and Freddie2 galleries and a new section in the gallery with scanned pictures from Queen’s first album


13.09.2007: Hello everybody! I know it’s been a long time, but I’m finally back – I hope you had a beautiful summer!! The entire site is reviewed – especially the ‘Mercury – the all-round artist’, the ‘Love Of My Life’ and ‘Stardom and Decadence’ sections where I added some new quotes and/or information – many pictures are replaced to better quality ones and new content on the ‘Life and Afterlife’ section. Enjoy!


9.06.2007: Concerning the updates: the ‘FMQ in German’ section is reviewed and renewed for those of you who can speak German; some little updates here and there (some old pictures are substituted to better quality pictures and some updates made in the ‘About Me’ section concerning my fav albums)

Information: Well, dear people… in the next time in June I will be very busy – even busier than as you have probably noticed in the last month… I will do my best to work here and there on my homepage, but for the summer holidays I plan a large update – to review the whole site and add some quotes or change some thoughts…


17.05.2007: A little update made in the ‘Mercury – the all-round artist’ section at the bottom of the page concerning the albums which Freddie owned while he was student


31.03.2007: New ‘Queen Gallery 2’ added + new pictures of Freddie, Roger, Brian and John in the galleries


04.03.2007: New ‘Freddie Gallery 2’ added with many pics of Freddie! (Just go to ‘FMQ-GALLERY’ under ‘Freddie pictures’ where you can find the link to the 2nd gallery)


25.02.2007: New section added: ‘Freddie’s Horoscope’ with some rather odd, but interesting info.


16.02.2007: Great news!! The original Rosemary Pearson article is again available (after a long time) in the ‘Times Online’ archives – you already can read it in the Love Of My Life’ section (bottom of page)


13.02.2007: Translation of the Japanese cutting in the ‘Miscellaneous’ section available – kindly translated by Queenzone member Saif.


02.02.2007: New ‘Miscellaneous’ section added + a little update in the ‘Opera’ section! Enjoy!


08.01.2007: Here’s the ‘second part’ of the gallery-update: new pictures in the galleries


07.01.2007: You have probably noticed that the pictures in the Freddie-gallery are going crazy… Well, Word is not a good software for pictures; that’s because I decided to update the whole gallery: explore and enjoy!


05.01.2007: New interesting scans of Freddie, Queen and John in the FMQ-Gallery (just click either Freddie or Queen pictures etc.)


02.01.2007: New Queen and Freddie-pictures in the FMQ-Gallery


20.12.2006: Now you can see the guestbook in all its gloryJ – the old one just wasn’t working and so I decided to change it… Anyway, I would be very happy if you could leave a message! Thank you!


10.12.2006: New articles/cuttings in the FMQ-Gallery


09.12.2006: Many pictures added in the FMQ-Gallery: especially Queen and Freddie pictures. Also: one early Queen article from 1973/1974 added


17.11.2006: Some updates in the Freddie-gallery – pictures added


12.11.2006: The gallery will now be totally updated with new sections for pictures of every member; also: new article and promo for Queen’s first album added!


26.09.2006: the guestbook is now a separate section; also link to the ‘gateway page’: http://mercury-and-queen.gmxhome.de


25.09.2006: some updates in the ‘About Me’ section (new albums added), a new picture in the ‘Freddie Mercury memorial site’


23.09.2006: Hi everybody! Well, I have to say you that right from the 2nd of October this year I will be a student of Philosophy and Slavonic/Slavic studies in the University here in Vienna/Austria; so from this date on the updates of my site will probably decrease… but anyways; I would be very happy if you still keep visiting my site!


11.09.2006: some updates here and there, some new backgrounds, new ‘Links’ section


09.09.2006: interpretation of Bohemian Rhapsody reviewed


04.09.2006: new section added: “THE QUEEN FILE”, a rare magazine about Queen published in 1974 with scans of it








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