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Hello everybody; my name is Daria; I live in Vienna, Austria. I am student in the University of Vienna and I’m interested in Queen and Freddie Mercury since 2001/2002.




My story



I was born in Ukraine, which was then a part of the USSR. My father was a teenager in the 70s and it seemed that the interest for the Western world among the Soviet youth started to increase; but as (rock) music from the West was prohibited until the fall of Soviet Union in 1991 – except for some ultra famous bands and/or musicians like The Beatles who were extra pressed on a Soviet label, often on blue flexi discs, and a little bit later Boney M. and ABBA – there was circulating an illegal market with a selection of Queen, Yes, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd & Co. tapes (! – not even LP’s). My father regularly listened at his friend’s home to the music from the above mentioned artists; his band even played “Love Of My Life” at their school concerts.


When the Soviet Union fell in 1991 everything had changed; as life was getting harder, we settled down in Austria in late 1993.


You may ask now how I got introduced to Queen… that was indeed very exciting… My father bought the “A Night At The Opera” album just when it was released on CD in winter/spring 1994; when I have heard it for the first time, I thought it was opera, because it said ‘opera’ on the cover (I was a little child then). I was so amused by the funny pieces, especially “Seaside Rendezvous”, “Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon” and “Good Company” and I immediately liked “Love Of My Life”. When I’ve heard “Bohemian Rhapsody” for the first time I really had a strange feeling, especially when my father told me then that the man who wrote this song sadly died in 1991. Although I could not understand English then I turned really sad as ‘the man’ started to sing ‘Mama…’.


My parents and I often listened to this album but as school and life was getting complicated with the time, I soon forgot it and rediscovered it just some time after I turned into a teenager, in 2001/2002. My interest for Queen and especially for Freddie Mercury started at this point.


I tried to learn something about the people behind this music – but doing this, I discovered a lot of controversial information about Freddie Mercury; I learned that there were and still are many rumours about him and so I began to scrutinize the information I received.


But even if there are still things to be discovered, I am sure that in the end Freddie Mercury was an outstanding artist - who lived a tragic life.







Something about me…


Some of my interests are: philosophy, classic literature/ reading, Christianity and Jesus Christ, music, doing sports, art, languages and foreign cultures etc


My Youtube-channel with some Queen tribute videos I made at school: www.youtube.com/mercuriesque













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