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5.9.1946 – 24.11.1991, but you’ll ‘live’ forever!


Please read the “Freddie Mercury Story” written by acknowledged Austrian author Henriette Sadler especially for this Memorial Day… Thank you!



FMQ – Mercury - and - Queen


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Queen, one of the most successful bands of Rock History, was a large and exciting project into which all band members brought in their ideas, thoughts and interests. But even if it was a conglomerate of four different personalities which improved the band with variety, Freddie Mercury was without doubt the ‘engine’, the heart of Queen. He is the author of anthems like “We Are the Champions”, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “The Show Must Go On” and the official song for the Olympic Games in 1992 “Barcelona”.


Sadly, many indiscreet rumours about Freddie Mercury seem to forget the magnificent person and the outstanding and innovative artist who he was – this site is paying tribute to him.

Dedicated to you, Freddie…





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